About Us

‘ To be unhurried, to find tranquility in everyday life, to be able to help others, to cherish all the goodness around us, and to share the joy with everyone we come across; would be an ideal state of being worth pursuing ’

At ‘Vinra’ we believe in the above statement!

A trip to Coorg will mean Madikeri! Ho! Was expecting more of Coorg! This is like any other place nothing great!!! But commercialized. We have heard a lot of travelers say this! We at Vinra aim to provide a personalized unforgettable exploration of the ‘Scotland of India’ coupled with adventures, at an affordable price. Vinra Hospitality is for people who have had enough of the city life and are wanting a rewind. no phones, no Wi-Fi, heavy rainfall, isolated…..fishing, trekking, rope activities, rafting, lazing. In this quest, the aspects like clean & fresh air, crystal pure natural water, satisfyingly wholesome & great food, and a culture of mutual respect, care and concern for all human and non-human stakeholders are paramount in importance.

Vinra Hospitality is committed to the concept of ‘Responsible Tourism’ through which it seeks to enhance the economic, social and environmental well-being of the host community, apart from incentivizing the retention and regeneration of their unique culture. The brand ‘Vinra’ is committed to employing the best in environmental and ecological practices in technology, equipment and operational processes.